MBF started doing business at the beginning of 1997 thanks to the efforts of its directors Antonio, Anita and Francesca Bertolaso.

MBF designs and manufactures machinery for bottling: rinsers, sterilisers, low-vacuum and counter-pressure fillers, corkers and cappers for any kind of closures as well as complete bottling lines.

MBF offers also advanced solutions for automation and computerized managing of bottling lines in the most rational manner to interface with conveying systems, minimizing space allocation and the most efficient use of manpower.

Italian and worldwide companies operating in wine, spirits, water and soft drinks fields represent the main markets for MBF. Many references coming from famous Italian cellars and well known worldwide groups chose MBF thanks to the attention it turns to preserve the quality of the product to be bottled.

MBF company combines extensive experience of professional engineers and designers with good service and co-operation with the customers.

Accurate service and collaboration between all the components of the company is the style of MBF.

The satisfaction and pride of belonging to an organization that works, sharing the company’s goals and programs, seeing one’s own merits in each sector’s progress: these are the forces that recharge our energy at all levels of responsibility.

The production unit is situated close to Verona and extends to 8.000 sq.m.

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